Should I Buy a Vehicle from this Model Year or Last?

New or Newer?

This Year’s Model or Next Year’s Model

As manufacturers release brand new models of vehicles, the previous year’s models might still be on the lot. They’re also new, a lot of times with the same features as the newest model. However, many dealers are looking to move these off the lot before the newest ones arrive.

This could pose a great situation for you as a consumer looking for a new car, because dealers might be looking for ways to get these vehicles off their lot, including offering incentives on one of these new vehicles. Keep reading to find out whether buying an end-of-model-year vehicle is right for you.

End-of-Model-Year Vehicles Are Priced to Move

The initial benefit of purchasing a vehicle at the end of its model year is fairly obvious. The incredible deals you could score make it worth checking out these end-of-model-year vehicles. Dealers often offer some of their best deals of the year on end-of-model-year vehicles. Whether it’s 0% financing or cash back alternatives, incentives are not hard to come by. From a financial standpoint, this may be the best opportunity to drive away in a new car, truck or SUV.

Consider How Long You Plan to Own the Vehicle

If you’re not the type to hold on to vehicles, then buying the end-of-model-year vehicle might not be the right choice. If you get a new car, truck or SUV every couple of years, you’d probably be better off purchasing the newer model due to its increased trade-in value in the short term. If you plan to keep that vehicle for five or more years, however, the difference in those values becomes negligible. In that case, you should seriously consider the end-of-model-year vehicle.

When Only the Latest and Greatest Will Do

Whether it’s the innovative technology or a slight modification in engine performance, some buyers opt to drive the latest, newest version of a vehicle. So while you can get a great deal on this year’s model, if you’re the type who likes the latest features and newest style, the newer model might have the edge when comparing the two vehicles side by side. That said, some vehicles change very little from one year to the next and the differences can be subtle. So when choosing between this year’s model and next year’s model, talk to the sales professionals at Bob Richards® Toyota to determine what has changed, and then decide if those changes are important to you.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of buying a vehicle at end of model year, visit Bob Richards® Toyota at 5512 Jefferson Davis Hwy, North Augusta, SC 29841. We have a large selection of this year’s models, as well as next year’s models, on our lot. And if you’re in Augusta, Milledgeville and Macon, GA or the CSRA, we can help you choose the perfect brand-new vehicle for your particular situation.